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MaxFac custom-built clinic is designed specifically with the patient in mind.

During the clinic’s inception, we gave considerable thought to its layout and the facilities we provide, and the atmosphere we wished to create, ensuring people have a positive experience from the start of treatment to its completion.

The result is a warm, welcoming environment where patients can relax in elegant surroundings decorated in calming, neutral tones before seeing their clinician. Their positive experience begins when they walk through our doors. We have found a warm welcome and a friendly smile goes a long way towards helping people feel more comfortable, especially when they feel more vulnerable and are in an unfamiliar environment.

Equipped with Modern Infrastructure

MaxFac has five consulting rooms where we initially see our patients. These rooms are all warm and inviting, creating a safe place where patients can discuss their treatment and ask questions without any interruptions and without ever feeling rushed; our attention is focused solely on patients and their needs. 

We have two extremely well-equipped operating suites. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we often require more sophisticated equipment and instruments to carry out procedures successfully. In addition, dentistry is continually evolving as newer techniques and materials are introduced onto the market. We choose the very best of these newer innovations through attending continuing education courses, incorporating them into our clinic.

Therefore, our operating rooms are fitted with the most up to date technologies and the most modern infrastructure and appropriate support systems to ensure we can complete routine and more complex treatments effectively.   Every piece of equipment is maintained to the very highest standards. We only use the finest instrumentation and quality consumables.

When performing more intricate surgeries, we use the facilities at our partner hospitals, ensuring patients always receive the very highest standards of care.

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