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Our team of specialist MaxFac surgeons are all very highly qualified, have years of experience, and the best surgical hands in the business.

Mr Martin Ching

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Mr Edward Nguyen

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Locum Surgeon at MaxFac Clinic

We ensure our skills and knowledge are continually updated so that patients benefit from the most advanced and appropriate treatments available today. We only recommend treatments we believe will provide the desired or required outcome and that are prudent, practical, and sensible, based on logical decision processes.

Each treatment is individually tailored to match the patient’s needs, age, budget and lifestyle, and long-term prognosis. We strive to perfect every treatment undertaken at MaxFac Clinic and give each patient our utmost attention.

Dedicated to a Caring Profession

We chose our careers because we care and want to make a difference and positively impact people’s lives. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than using our skills to restore or enhance a patient’s appearance and ensure their facial structures work harmoniously and provide good functionality.

Supporting and Reassuring Patients

Above all, we have excellent communication skills and recognise that we see patients when they often feel more vulnerable and need that extra level of care and reassurance. When a patient comes to our practice, we take the time to listen to them, understand their concerns, and answer any questions that may arise.

Our surgeons explain every treatment clearly, so the patient knows what will happen and why, the predicted treatment outcome, and what to expect during recovery. We make sure they know that our entire team are here to assist them when needed. We also reassure patients that their referring dentist is fully briefed about their treatment when we return them to their care.

Collaboration and Education

Our oral surgeons work together as a team, frequently collaborating to ensure optimal patient outcomes and, if necessary, consulting other trusted colleagues who are experts in their field. We also recognise our referring colleagues’ expertise, knowledge, and experience, supporting them with an integrated educational methodology incorporated into a structured educational program; it is important that we give back to those clinicians who choose to support us and trust us to care for their patients.

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