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Bleeding after oral surgery is quite normal and may continue for an hour or two afterwards. It is also normal to see some redness in saliva as the wound may continue to use for the first 24 hours.

Seeing blood mixed with saliva can make it appear as if bleeding is worse than it is.

People who have received more extensive oral surgery may also see blood clots discharging from their nose. If bleeding does occur, gently rinse the mouth with cold water to remove any clots. It is also common to bleed overnight, so it can be helpful to elevate the head and place a towel over the pillow to prevent the blood from soaking into the pillow.

However, if bleeding becomes persistent or is bright red, please contact MaxFac Clinic immediately so we can assist you and provide appropriate advice and care to stop the bleeding.

Using Gauze Packs to Stop Bleeding

Patients who are sent home with a gauze pack covering the wound should bite down on it firmly, remove it, and dispose of it when they get home. We provide gauze packs to take home after oral surgery, so if the wound is still bleeding, moisten a pack and bite down on the gauze for half an hour. Firm but gentle pressure usually controls the bleeding. After tooth extractions, it can help to gently bite down on a moistened tea bag for thirty minutes. The tannins in the teabag help constrict blood vessels, slowing bleeding so a clot can form.

Habits to Avoid during Healing

Immediately after surgery, it’s essential to avoid touching wounds with the fingers or tongue and avoid spitting. Spitting can dislodge any blood clots that may have formed in the surgery site, protecting the wound and aiding healing. Patients with open oral wounds, for example, after tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal, should avoid sucking through a straw. The sucking action can also dislodge blood clots in the empty sockets that help aid healing.

Diet and Exercise

Make sure all foods are served lukewarm or cold because eating hot foods can stimulate further bleeding. For the same reason, it’s best to avoid strenuous physical activity for the first few days after surgery or for as long as our oral surgeons recommend, depending on the degree of complexity of the surgery.

When to Contact MaxFac Clinic?

If the bleeding becomes persistent, carries on past the first day or two or is bright red, please contact MaxFac Clinic immediately so we can assist you and provide appropriate care to stop the bleeding.

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