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Providing a full range of Oral and Maxillofacial services
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Each procedure is fully customised to accommodate the patient’s unique oral health requirements and is performed to our exacting standards, delivered by our team of oral surgeons and our support team.

Our philosophy is always to place the patient’s needs and wellbeing first, ensuring each recommended procedure is as safe as possible and appropriate for their requirements. Our team is available to support patients throughout their treatment, providing the very highest standard of customer care.

We perform straightforward and more complex teeth extractions and specialise in removing fractured and impacted teeth, and MaxFac Clinic accepts urgent and emergency referrals. One of our most frequently requested services is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth in adolescent orthodontic patients. Our clinic provides local and general anaesthetics for healthy children, adolescents and adults, and people with medical or anatomical conditions. Our entire team works hard to ensure every service is provided more comfortably for our patients and is as stress-free as possible.

Our more specialised services include preparatory work for dental implant surgery and strategic implant placement to optimise aesthetics and facilitate the fabrication of prosthetic restorations. Our skilled and experienced oral surgeons offer services to correct jaw and facial growth abnormalities. We also provide a range of cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeries, including rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty.

Dental implantology

Dental implants are increasingly the treatment of choice to replace failing and missing teeth and are very versatile.

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Orthodontic extractions

The decision to extract teeth in preparation for orthodontic treatment can depend on the degree of overcrowding and malocclusion (poor bite) and the patient’s age.

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Wisdom tooth removals

One of our most requested services is wisdom teeth removal, and our experienced oral surgeons take great care to ensure wisdom teeth are extracted as comfortably as possible.

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Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery and corrects the alignment of teeth and jaws, so they meet together properly.

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Reconstructive surgery

There are several reasons why someone may require reconstructive surgery, including congenital defects, cancer, trauma, illness and burns that affect facial appearance and function.

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Facial Trauma

Our experienced oral maxillofacial surgeons are extremely well qualified to help patients who have suffered facial trauma and where they have sustained facial injuries.

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TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located where the lower jaw hinges onto the skull base and provides the jaw with a full range of motion. TMJ disorder refers to issues affecting this joint.

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