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MaxFac Clinic strives to maintain the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on rigorously adhering to professional ethics through excellent practice management.

Our philosophy is to do the right thing by every patient and their referring dentist, every time and in every situation, with no exceptions. It is one reason why the clinic has been so successful over the past 15 years. We never recommend a treatment plan unless it is suitable for the patient and will provide the very best outcome.

Systems and Procedures

We adhere to the strictest systems and procedures, and these are continually reviewed and updated, and staff members are trained to provide best practices at all times. Our systems are detailed processes covering every aspect of the clinic’s management. They ensure that phones are answered correctly, that new patients are attended to properly, and cover how we communicate with patients about their treatments and appointments.

We also use our systems and procedures to make sure treatment rooms are cleaned and set up correctly. These systems and procedures are essential for ensuring the clinic operates efficiently and that our team is accountable. They ensure patients receive a consistently excellent level of care during every visit and at each point of contact.

Education and Professional Development

The treatments, technologies and materials used in medicine and dentistry are continually evolving and improving. Continuing education is essential to ensure our skills and equipment remain current, ensuring patients always receive the very best care available. We all regularly attend courses and lectures and find that learning is enjoyable and rewarding.

Practice Treatment Protocols

Our systems ensure each clinical procedure is performed precisely and efficiently. These protocols make sure all equipment and materials are ready and waiting for our oral surgeons, helping to ensure patients are seen on time.

Meeting the Highest Standards in Sterility, Instrumentation and Consumables

Wherever possible, we use single-use instruments but otherwise ensure all instrumentation is cleaned thoroughly. Our sterilisation room is maintained meticulously, following the very strictest of procedures. Each reusable instrument is sterilised, labelled and stored correctly. All surfaces and equipment in our treatment rooms are properly disinfected between patients. We go above and beyond what is required to keep patients and our staff safe.

Patient Management and Care

Excellent patient management and care are at the heart of our practice philosophy. Every procedure and protocol at MaxFac Clinic has one main aim, to ensure our patients receive the best compassionate care from their first point of contact until we return their care to their referring clinician.

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